031 – Preston Pesek of Spacious – Accessible and Hospitable Workspaces


Restaurants as freelance work spaces…

Preston Pesek, Co-founder/CEO of Spacious (transforming unused space into a city-wide network of stylish, productive workspaces where you can meet, work, and get stuff done) joins Thomas Kutzman and Scott Pollack in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser. Presented by Prevu.

In this episode:Spacious

  • How the way people think about office space has changed
  • Spacious as a heavyweight of co-working world
  • The goal for the user experience of product to be as frictionless as possible
  • The ability to walk in and check in without a reservation
  • Seamless instant connection to the community, space, WiFi, etc.
  • Is Spacious more co-working or coffee shop? (Somewhere in between)
  • How Spacious was conceived
  • Doing business with restaurant tenants, that was perfect place to enter the market as a startSpacious
  • Value prop for a restaurant space – monthly check, marketing exposure, fill space with room full of people who will be hungry when service begins
  • Frat culture of co-working vs. higher end vibe at Spacious spaces, attracting more sophisticated/stylish members
  • Individual workers vs. enterprise play
  • Fantastic upgrade from a coffee shop
  • Establishing consumer brand as B-to-C first, then B-to-B, end user is who focused on from experience perspective
  • Creating a nighttime network for after-5pm spaces
  • Balancing supply and demandSpacious
  • How Spacious can spin spaces up and down quickly, ability to be responsive to changes in marketplace without big spends
  • Being able to manage how grow footprint in a balanced way
  • Is Spacious a tech company or a real estate company?
  • Internal company is a tech company
  • Being a geek around cities of architecture

029 – Nathan Hirsch – FreeeUp Your Business to Succeed

Nathan Hirsch

Growing a team by utilizing a marketplace with highly vetted freelancers in a gig economy…

Nathan Hirsch, Founder and CEO of FreeeUp (FreeeUp is a marketplace offering pre-vetted freelance talent) joins Thomas Kutzman for a conversation about growing a business with the right talent. MouthMedia Network studios are powered by Sennheiser. Presented by Prevu.

In this episode:

  • The gig economy, and accepting the fact that entrepreneurs are not equally good at every part of their business
  • How FreeeUp provides access to great talent all over the world to help build business
  • FreeeUp’s original start in ecommerce, then marketing, then real estate agencies (10-15% of their current client are in Real Estate)
  • An example of a virtual assistant
  • What’s driving the trend of freelancing
  • The way FreeeUp provides a lot of vetting, only takes the top 1%, and when they let them in
  • How FreeeUp started with $2k and grew to millions – only using freelancers from their own marketplace, and running a virtual company
  • How they didn’t look at FreeeUp company as a software business initially – looked at it as people who matched people — but when they looked at it as software and kept improving it, the company turned a corner
  • Why freelancing is part of the next wave of the business economy
  • How FreeeUp has a good foothold — pain points tough to fix, and hard to copy when fixed – looking at any competition in the business—and the vetting process is challenging to get right
  • Freelancers have multiple clients each with their own styles, agendas
  • Spending extra time at beginning setting best expectations will help save countless hours of clarification
  • Solid communication, feedback to freelancers is critical when employing them
  • The biggest error: assuming everyone’s expectations are the same
  • Diversifying is important different people for different functions
  • What would you do with extra hours?
  • An important business lesson, and how Hirsch’s entrepreneurial career began with — selling baby products out his dorm