029 – Nathan Hirsch – FreeeUp Your Business to Succeed

Nathan Hirsch

Growing a team by utilizing a marketplace with highly vetted freelancers in a gig economy…

Nathan Hirsch, Founder and CEO of FreeeUp (FreeeUp is a marketplace offering pre-vetted freelance talent) joins Thomas Kutzman for a conversation about growing a business with the right talent. MouthMedia Network studios are powered by Sennheiser. Presented by Prevu.

In this episode:

  • The gig economy, and accepting the fact that entrepreneurs are not equally good at every part of their business
  • How FreeeUp provides access to great talent all over the world to help build business
  • FreeeUp’s original start in ecommerce, then marketing, then real estate agencies (10-15% of their current client are in Real Estate)
  • An example of a virtual assistant
  • What’s driving the trend of freelancing
  • The way FreeeUp provides a lot of vetting, only takes the top 1%, and when they let them in
  • How FreeeUp started with $2k and grew to millions – only using freelancers from their own marketplace, and running a virtual company
  • How they didn’t look at FreeeUp company as a software business initially – looked at it as people who matched people — but when they looked at it as software and kept improving it, the company turned a corner
  • Why freelancing is part of the next wave of the business economy
  • How FreeeUp has a good foothold — pain points tough to fix, and hard to copy when fixed – looking at any competition in the business—and the vetting process is challenging to get right
  • Freelancers have multiple clients each with their own styles, agendas
  • Spending extra time at beginning setting best expectations will help save countless hours of clarification
  • Solid communication, feedback to freelancers is critical when employing them
  • The biggest error: assuming everyone’s expectations are the same
  • Diversifying is important different people for different functions
  • What would you do with extra hours?
  • An important business lesson, and how Hirsch’s entrepreneurial career began with — selling baby products out his dorm

014 – Dani Arps – Startup Space, The Design Frontier

Startup office design

Designing office spaces for startup companies, with Dani Arps…

Startup office designWhat comes first, does culture drive design, or does design foster culture? Danielle (Dani) Arps, a design expert, reveals how startups can approach a new office space, curate functional, supporting productivity, retention, and community in the workplace, work surfaces vs. desks, creating spaces people can work in where they will be the most productive, the nature of tertiary spaces, and aesthetics vs. personality when one doesn’t make sense for a business model. Plus, what math and music have to do with office design. Arps joins Thomas Kutzman and Scott Pollack in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser. Presented by Prevu.

In this episode:Startup office design

  • How Arps designed spaces for Venmo, SeatGeek, and others, how she begins the inspiration process to design for a startup, and having a certain sense or vibe vs. traditional design.
  • Thinking about the design for a startup since it is a corporate office space,
  • Considering how are different spaces consumed
  • Why open offices may not work for a lot of companies, looking at the growth of tertiary spaces (i.e. living rooms within offices), quiet nooks, phone booths
  • Where the trends came from, the idea of open and tertiary spaces, what’s driving thoughtfulness in space usage, the impact of freelance workers
  • How employees can be more productive because they like where they work and want to be in a space where they like being, and looking at it all starting with Google
  • Startup office designHow company culture and ethos impacts design
  • A well-designed space is a perk, and helps recruit and retain employees
  • Why companies that are not startups want the look and feel of startups in their spaces
  • The nature of how generational expectations are changing
  • Does culture drive design? Or design drive culture?
  • What the point of the company is matters in the design, including how the company is aligned with the industry, and where you want company brand and culture to go
  • Phases of the design process: conceptual, programming, construction documentation/purchasing, installation

Hello World – Real Estate Is Your Business

How Technology Is Modernizing Real Estate …

Real Estate Is Your Business is a series of conversations with the innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders at the forefront of the modernization of the real estate industry. The podcast, presented by Prevu, is hosted by real estate technology entrepreneur Thomas Kutzman and business development expert Scott Pollack. You will hear the about the exciting technological and business innovations that are improving the way we live, work, and pretty much do everything.

Thomas Kutzman is the co-founder of Prevu, a tech startup on a mission to save people money when they buy or sell a home. Thomas has broad experience investing in public technology companies at asset management firms and top-tier investment banks, and has also been an active real estate investor for over a decade. Scott Pollack is a business development expert with experience helping both startups and Fortune 500 companies focus on growth. Scott is a member of the Forbes Business Development Council, author of “What, Exactly, Is Business Development”, and a regular speaker on the topic.