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033 – Lisa Fettner of ReferralExchange – People Before Leads

A nationwide realtor referral network…

Lisa FettnerLisa Fettner, VP of Marketing for ReferralExchange (real estate agents can submit and receive clients from across the US), joins Thomas Kutzman in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser. Presented by Prevu.

In this episode:

  • How the role and job of agent has changed in last few years
  • The need to be hyperlocal while being able to help people everywhere
  • Why agents needs to be the subject matter expert to help them now and several years down the line, a client’s entire source for real estate
  • Now it is all about the relationship
  • How ReferralExchange is superior, algorythms, look at agents’ experiencesLisa Fettner
  • Look at agents who want to participate and want to be engaged, while looking at their specific areas of expertise
  • Handling personal info of referrals
  • Handle tracking, follow up
  • Most important factor when referring – protecting agent reputation
  • The concentration of agents in the market, agents in pretty much every populated zip code
  • Why ReferralExchange operations are in San Francisco and Sacremento
  • One big challenge these days—agents don’t call leads or referrals backLisa Fettner
  • Minimizing bias, racial concerns based on photos
  • Advice to be as personalized and customized for clients as possible, keeping clients in mind
  • Fettner’s passion: Princess Project – give away prom dresses to teens who can’t afford them, promotes inner beauty, self confidence
  • Don’t be afraid to have that conversation – it can lead to a relationship

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