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012 – Bryan Colin of VirtualApt – Visualizing With Robots

360 degree video tours using VR and AR technology that films and processes web-based virtual reality in real time, via autonomous mobile supercomputers…

VirtualAptWhy this service is important for consumer convenience, how consumers browse actively for all products but for the biggest purchase of their lives they typically make, they haven’t had access to the same digital access. To let them get the guided tour of spaces it can save time and money for all involved, plus offer convenience for the consumer.

Bryan Colin, CEO of VirtualApt (360 degree video tours via autonomous robots) joins Thomas Kutzman and Scott Pollack in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this interview:

  • VirtualAptLooking at early innovators like Google Street View and NET-A-PORTER with 360 images, and now being able to compress quality of video necessary to make this full and better, getting a full tour experience with narration, and with embeddable video on a custom player
  • VirtualApt’s full production team in the autonomous robot, programming the same path a normal tour would be
  • Hiring veterans as robot operators and why this plays such a significant role for the company
  • How the service is as affordable as a photographer, and how VirtualApt is able to bring the cost structure down
  • Why so much of VirtualApt’s business is in residential real estate in Brooklyn, NY
  • The ability to have international consumers see virtual tours that are narrated in their native language, and why landlords love international renters
  • VirtualAptA snack of Raspberry pie has meaning
  • Reproducing currently guided tours, being able to meaningfully experience views and sizes that a 2-page brochure doesn’t work for, along with all the visualization that a company would need
  • How the price point is so low, providing everything the client needs and making it so much more affordable and with quality control plus touching many points of the process—this controlling best end results
  • The world of visualization beyond real estate, how VirtualApt is more of a tech company thank a service company, and the aptitude of apt
  • How VirtualApt is inventing its own tech
  • Creating more links into the video, seeing a product in that space, creating a new experience, shoppable links to buy or shop, and making virtual reality experience what it should be
  • Bringing you to another location where you want to be, showing what makes that space unique
  • Bootstrapping the company, recruiting the right people, creating a company culture as an enjoyable place to be
  • Does this technology risk putting real estate agents out of business or is it creating opportunities?
  • How robots can provide nearly exact measurements of a space, and Colin’s favorite robots
  • Being comfortable in your own self and in the world, and the cost of being focused as an entrepreneur
  • How the digital is now, and it is necessary to be focused on how you look digitally and your digital presence as the place when someone is there already

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