035 – Year in Review

year in review

Scott and Tom on their first recording day of the podcast

Thomas Kutzman and Scott Pollack review their journey on “Real Estate Is Your Business”, notable guests, what the hosts have learned, and how the industry is transforming, in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

034 – Minta Kay and Salil Gandhi of Goodwin Procter – The Law of PropTech

Goodwin Proctor

Law firm Goodwin Procter LLP launches PropTech practice to serve intersection of real estate and technology innovation…

Goodwin ProctorMinta Kay (Chair of Goodwin’s Real Estate Industry group) and Salil Gandhi (partner in Goodwin’s Technology group) of Goodwin Procter LLP, join Thomas Kutzman and Scott Pollack in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser. Presented by Prevu.

In this episode:

  • What inspired the PropTech initiative at Goodwin Procter
  • The firm’s huge global real estate bench, and huge technology bench
  • How the firm has been getting a lot of calls, inquiries
  • Woke up with convergence of practices, obvious place to goGoodwin Proctor
  • Tech – type of company, not an industry sector
  • Also Fintech, Blockchain, do a lot in that space as well
  • Real estate has been slow to adopt tech—that’s changing
  • Need to pay attention, a cascade coming down around them
  • Real estate becoming a service instead of just a hard asset
  • The greatest potential for opportunity
  • From first innovations on prop tech side on consumer listing sites, been seeing it on consumer side for awhile, bigger than a couple of entrepreneurs disrupting
  • Investors are investing to remain abreast of latest innovations
  • Keeping informed on opportunities to return investor returns, smarter buildings, manage portfolios
  • How people are thinking about what a building is and how it is structured, and that it is driving business decisions and entrepreneurial innovation
  • Why autonomous cars are important for real estateGoodwin Proctor
  • Why re-purposing of spaces and buildings is huge
  • Going to raise a lot of new bureaucratic activity, permitting, zoning
  • Collecting more data than ever before, so sourcing deals to pricing deals, design, maintenance
  • From one transaction to an ongoing sharing of information
  • Open-mindedness on real estate and regulatory that will allow innovation to occur
  • Elasticity in the space is very important
  • The need to house fleets of vehicles is coming, a shift is neededGoodwin Proctor
    How smart contracts can shift advice business
  • From ballet, chemical engineering and art history — to law
  • PropTech is happening now in Asia too

033 – Lisa Fettner of ReferralExchange – People Before Leads

Lisa Fettner

A nationwide realtor referral network…

Lisa FettnerLisa Fettner, VP of Marketing for ReferralExchange (real estate agents can submit and receive clients from across the US), joins Thomas Kutzman in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser. Presented by Prevu.

In this episode:

  • How the role and job of agent has changed in last few years
  • The need to be hyperlocal while being able to help people everywhere
  • Why agents needs to be the subject matter expert to help them now and several years down the line, a client’s entire source for real estate
  • Now it is all about the relationship
  • How ReferralExchange is superior, algorythms, look at agents’ experiencesLisa Fettner
  • Look at agents who want to participate and want to be engaged, while looking at their specific areas of expertise
  • Handling personal info of referrals
  • Handle tracking, follow up
  • Most important factor when referring – protecting agent reputation
  • The concentration of agents in the market, agents in pretty much every populated zip code
  • Why ReferralExchange operations are in San Francisco and Sacremento
  • One big challenge these days—agents don’t call leads or referrals backLisa Fettner
  • Minimizing bias, racial concerns based on photos
  • Advice to be as personalized and customized for clients as possible, keeping clients in mind
  • Fettner’s passion: Princess Project – give away prom dresses to teens who can’t afford them, promotes inner beauty, self confidence
  • Don’t be afraid to have that conversation – it can lead to a relationship

032 – Ross Guttler of Delos – How Space Can Make Better People


Health and wellness at the center of the real estate industry …

DelosRoss Guttler, Vice President – Strategic Partnerships for Delos (transforming homes, offices, schools and other indoor environments by placing health and wellness at the center of design, construction, facilities and operations decisions), joins Thomas Kutzman in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser. Presented by Prevu.

In this episode:

  • How wellness is quite big now and where Delos comes in
  • Approaching wellness and real estate from hard core science and medicine perspective
  • What space is doing to our bodies
  • Light quality and impact on standard of living
  • How wearables will allow us to measure how space will impact our bodies, and react to what our bodies need
  • Vetting materials
  • Construction industries are waking up to “red list” materials
  • Practices during construction to protect those building the pace as well
  • At the crossroads being a real estate or a technology companyDelos
  • Helping groups figure out things
  • Help co-develop products and technologies
  • “Darwin” – technology, the wellness brains for your home
  • Physical and social environment is 70% of what affects health
  • The best of North Carolina, and the origin of NASCAR
  • Why space can make us better, smarter, healthier people

Guttler has spent 15 years in investment, development and advisory roles across multiple product sectors. At Delos, Ross manages strategic relationships among Fortune 100 clients as well as institutional investors, owners and landlords. Having joined Delos in the early stages, he has led the growth of several business lines. In addition, Ross serves in an advisory capacity to a NY-based startup focused on developing spectral sensors for the built environment.

Prior to joining Delos, Ross founded and managed the commercial division of ROI Properties, a brokerage and asset management firm that caters to distressed portfolios. He advised financial institutions, fiduciaries and receiverships on risk allocation and exit strategies for office, industrial and retail assets. Previously, he worked for the ViaWest Group, a commercial investment, development and services firm with a primary focus on value-add and opportunistic office, industrial and multi-family properties.

Ross is a former board member of the Urban Land Institute and has held leadership roles in numerous other industry and non-profit organizations. He received a B.S. in Economics from Duke University and an M.B.A. from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

031 – Preston Pesek of Spacious – Accessible and Hospitable Workspaces


Restaurants as freelance work spaces…

Preston Pesek, Co-founder/CEO of Spacious (transforming unused space into a city-wide network of stylish, productive workspaces where you can meet, work, and get stuff done) joins Thomas Kutzman and Scott Pollack in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser. Presented by Prevu.

In this episode:Spacious

  • How the way people think about office space has changed
  • Spacious as a heavyweight of co-working world
  • The goal for the user experience of product to be as frictionless as possible
  • The ability to walk in and check in without a reservation
  • Seamless instant connection to the community, space, WiFi, etc.
  • Is Spacious more co-working or coffee shop? (Somewhere in between)
  • How Spacious was conceived
  • Doing business with restaurant tenants, that was perfect place to enter the market as a startSpacious
  • Value prop for a restaurant space – monthly check, marketing exposure, fill space with room full of people who will be hungry when service begins
  • Frat culture of co-working vs. higher end vibe at Spacious spaces, attracting more sophisticated/stylish members
  • Individual workers vs. enterprise play
  • Fantastic upgrade from a coffee shop
  • Establishing consumer brand as B-to-C first, then B-to-B, end user is who focused on from experience perspective
  • Creating a nighttime network for after-5pm spaces
  • Balancing supply and demandSpacious
  • How Spacious can spin spaces up and down quickly, ability to be responsive to changes in marketplace without big spends
  • Being able to manage how grow footprint in a balanced way
  • Is Spacious a tech company or a real estate company?
  • Internal company is a tech company
  • Being a geek around cities of architecture